Roofing Services; Roof Replacement Charlotte North Carolina

Roofing Services; Roof Replacement Charlotte North Carolina

At Roofing Charlotte we understand the vital role that a well designed, installed and properly maintained roof plays in any home or commercial building. experienced, certified roofers, have been providing quality roofing products and workmanship throughout the Charlotte NC areas for more than 30 years.

Whether you are in the market for a minor roof repair or need a complete roof replacement, prides ourselves in providing all our clients with the highest quality products and stand behind our work with a written product warranty.

With an extensive line of roofing systems, we are able to accommodate virtually any residential or commercial roofing requirements including:

Asphalt and fiberglass shingles
Cedar shakes and shingles
Metal Roofing
For Alpha Omega customer satisfaction has always been our top priority and every job is overseen by a BC certified roofing expert. Years of experience and research has gone into selecting and using only the best products in the roofing industry from top manufacturers such as:

CertainTeed – Known for taking roofing standards to a higher level in asphalt roofing shingles providing peace of mind with exclusive, superior warranties.
Soprema – An industry leader in waterproofing solutions committed to sustainable development.
PABCO – Committed to environmental preservation with quality roofing products engineered for energy efficiency, waste reduction and support of sustainable practices.
GAF – ELK – North America’s number one brand in Advanced Protection shingles and winner of the Builder’s Choice Award and two-time recognition in the Architects Choice For Excellence Award.
Malarkey – A recognized leader in superior quality standards, product innovation, and technical support.
IKO – Providing quality roofing products such as shingles, commercial roofing, asphaltic and bituminous waterproofing products for more than 60 years.
BP – A recognized industry leader in commercial and industrial roofing, maintenance and installation adhering to all CRCA Insurance requirements.

Alpha Omega Roofers Get The Job Done Right

Together with highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, top-of-the-line quality products and written warranties, Roofing is committed to keeping customer satisfaction our number one priority. Many individuals put off having a professional roof assessment completed for fear of being told they will need to have a complete roof replacement. However, not all roofs need to be replaced and catching roof repair issues quickly can certainly mean substantial savings down the road.

If you suspect that your home or commercial building may be in need of a roof repair or even a complete roof replacement, Roofing will gladly conduct a thorough assessment and provide you with a detailed estimate. A simple maintenance plan may be all that is required to bring your roof back to a safe, sealed, quality system. If the roof on your home or business does not require a complete roof replacement, we will be the first to let you know. Our roofing experts will also be happy to advise you in regards to precisely what is needed to maintain your roof so that it can continue protecting your home or business for years to come. Keep in mind that a well-maintained roof not only adds beauty to any structure but value as well.

Maintenance Tips for Your New Roof Repair

Professional builders and roofing contractors agree that proper maintenance, repair, and replacement (when necessary) of your roof is essential in protecting the structural integrity of your home or business. It is the first line of defense from outside elements such as rain, high winds and snow and in areas such as Charlotte NC must be able to withstand extended periods of damp weather. There are many things that can lead to roof damage even if a roof is relatively new including the type of roof and the materials that were used in the initial installation.

Regular Maintenance – Inspecting your roof regularly and being able to recognize (and repair) signs of minor problems will not only extend the life of your roof but will prevent small damage areas from getting out of hand. This can also help to prevent possible leaks which will ultimately lead to major repairs that can be quite costly down the road. Regular inspections are even more crucial if you have a roof with little or no slope.
Wind Damage – Even moderate winds can, over time, loosen nails and cause damage. It is important to check that all roofing material is secure especially after more severe wind storms.
Snow, Sun and Air Pollutants – Although we rarely need to worry about snow accumulation on Charlotte NC, it can still be a factor. A build-up of snow on roofs that have little or no slope can result in more weight that your roof can handle. Pollutants in the air, sun exposure, and other chemicals can also cause damage to roofing materials. Regular inspection and repair any minor damage immediately will help to prevent major problems and help extend the life of your roof.
Flashing Issues – Properly installed and maintained flashing is designed to create water-tight protection between different sections of a roof, roofing materials as well as other parts of your home including roof projections and roofing materials. Whether flashing problems occur from weather damage, improper design or installation, damaged flashing can cause leaks which in turn can cause damage to the interior of your home as well as the field of your roof.
Unless one is an experienced roofer, it can be difficult to recognize many of the early warning signs of roof damage. Minor flaws and roof repairs are generally inexpensive to correct and when completed by experienced roofing contractors can avert more costly repairs and help prevent major repair projects and the need for early roof replacement.

Thank you for allowing Roofing to quote your roof replacement project.


Considering the financial investment and personal commitment we make when purchasing a home, making sure it is well maintained will provide us with years of comfort and safety. Choosing the right, quality materials and having roof repairs performed by professional, certified roofers who stand by their products and workmanship will help to ensure years of worry-free living for you and your loved ones. The roofing experts at Roofing take the complete satisfaction of each customer very seriously and you can rest assured that if only minor roofing repairs are required, that is precisely what our analysis will show.

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Award Winning Roofers Open Up In Atlanta GA

Award Winning Roofers Open There Services To Atlanta GA

North Carolina award-winning roofers are now available in Atlanta. You can now turn To Alpha Omega Atlanta roofing for fully comprehensive roof repair and installation services. Their company now boasts more than 75 years of combined experience that demonstrate their capability to immediately resolve any and all of your roofing needs. Alpha offers a wide range of services, including:

Roofing | Siding | Window Replacement | Entry and Patio Door Installation | Ice Dam Prevention | Snow and Ice Removal

Alpha Omega Atlanta GA is a full-service roofing contractor based in South Carolina who have now opened the business in Atlanta allowing local residences and business the opportunity to use high-quality roofers for their roofing needs. Their company has been providing reliable roof installation, repair, and replacement services for more than a decade. No matter if you need to install roof shingles, metal roofs, or low-slope roofs, we’ve got you covered. We also provide siding installation and replacement services.

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Alpha Omega In Atlanta GA Providing Highly Skilled Roofers

The Alpha Omega team is comprised of highly skilled, reliable and friendly roofers, whose combined expertise and dedication have earned the trust of our clients. All our roofers are also Master Shingle Applicator certified, our installers make sure you get the best available warranties in the roofers market. Using Alpha Omega roofing you can rest assured that with our comprehensive roofing services, you will have a solid and sturdy roof.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. By utilizing the latest technology, both our existing and potential clients are easily able to address their needs, wants or concerns to us easily. We are dedicated to collaborating with you every step of the way to ensuring Alpha Omega makes you feel and know that your roof is in great hands. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time around!

Protect your precious home in Atlanta GA with a roof designed to withstand all the elements. Whether you need a brand new roof, or you are just wanting to upgrade your old one, we are here to help you no matter what your situation may be.

Our Roofing Services In Atlanta GA

Roof Repair and Replacement | Shingle Installation | Metal Roof Installation | Roof Ventilation Installation | Storm Damage Insurance Repair | Snow Removal

Alpha Omega Roofing Atlanta GA offers a number of residential & commercial roofing options for you. With a range of shingles from 15yr. Warranties to a full lifetime warranty. We only use all CSA approved products in every job that we complete in Atlanta. With a vast range of experience, we are proud to offer you a complete roofing system that ensures you a worry-free roof for many years to come into the future.

We can also remove an unwanted sag in your roof or build eaves & gable overhangs.

We offer a full range of shingle products to suit your needs and budget.

We use only top-rated materials.

Alpha Omega Also Provides Services For

Alpha Omega also offers continuous pre-painted high-quality aluminum eavestroughs & downpipes for your home and roof. Alpha Omega also offers top of the line gutter guards to keep the leaves out, so you will not have to pull out the ladder & clean on a regular basis.

Soffit & fascia
By easily adding pre-painted aluminum soffit & fascia that is available in a massive variety of colors. Easily you can give yourself a beautiful maintenance free exterior, helping you save time & money by never having to paint again.

With the wide variety of siding styles from vinyl to cement board, we can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your home & give you a maintenance free exterior. While we are installing your siding we can also upgrade the Roof value of walls by adding insulation.

More Information On Alpha Omega Roofing

Alpha Omega Roofing is a family owned company that takes great pride themselves on doing custom roofing work in Atlanta GA and providing amazing full-insured customer service and customer satisfaction. We are a medium sized company that does not hire subcontractors at a reduced. Alpha Omega works relentlessly to ensure the job is done right and on time at all times ensuring the highest quality work possible on your home, cottage or commercial building. We guarantee free estimates or appointments for an estimate within 48 hrs, we bring our showroom to you with pictures, product information, and customer testimonials at the time of the quote.

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HVAC Award Winning Service In Charlotte North Carolina

South Carolina Charlotte HVAC Award Winning Business

As the cool weather fades and summer approaches, temperatures begin to rise and the need for cooling (and a working air conditioner) becomes ever more important. We know that hot, muggy weather is only a few months away, so now is the opportunity to take a proactive step toward a better home environment. Do you need Air Today Charlotte NC HVAC or air conditioning repair service? Today is the day to take care of your cooling needs and fix that ductless air conditioner that hasn’t been working or the central air conditioning that is broke down.

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Charlotte My Air Today HVAC’s expert technicians have been serving clients in Charlotte NC and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years.


We know how inconvenient it can be to have your AC break down during the hot summer months. Call our fast response team will be right over to evaluate the situation and fix the problem. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. For your convenience, we offer 24-hour emergency HVAC service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We stand by our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Charlotte NC MY AIR TODAY HVAC team

Heating is another major service we offer. The proactive crowd books appointments for our heating services early, knowing that once September hits, phones are ringing off the hook and our team of skilled technicians are out on the job, fixing that old boiler, taking care of a furnace repair, or installing a new hot water tank in North Carolina Charlotte and all around the Capital Region. Before we head over to handle your heating needs, don’t forget to ask about our heating oil prices.
There’s nothing like saving the planet during your day job! We know the oil price today is on your mind because of all the fluctuation and negative news about the economy, so allow us to put you at ease. Fuel oil prices will improve, it’s just a matter of time. Call now for great deals on heating and oil!

Why Choose Us?

Professional & Reliable – Our air conditioning and heating experts are licensed, EPA certified, and factory trained on the latest in heating, cooling technology. With over 100,000 hours of HVAC service across all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment, you can be certain we’ll get the job done right.

Trusted Service – Our core values are rooted in honesty and integrity. We are transparent in our communication and layout all available options so you can make educated decisions on what is best for you.

Customized Approach – There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to heating and cooling. Our focus has always been providing a comprehensive, affordable solution tailored to match our clients’ needs. We’re not happy unless you are. From a simple HVAC repair to a complex HVAC retrofit, you can expect expert analysis, a list of options, and professional installation on budget and on time.

Quality Matters – At My Air Today Charlotte North Carolina HVAC, we take pride in our work and offer the best air conditioning and heating products on the market, maximizing your energy efficiency and cost savings. Many times, the smallest details make the biggest difference over the life of your purchase. When you go with the best, you are never disappointed.

Heating Installation With My Air Today

Having strong relationships in place with leading heating manufacturers gives us the opportunity to provide top quality Energy Star rated products from the name brands you know and trust.

Heating Emergency Service
Give us a call as soon as it occurs. You should expect a great response time, and we will deliver on that promise.

Heating Maintenance and Repair

When cold weather strikes, heating repairs, and heater maintenance calls skyrocket. Much like with AC units, if a heater has been around for a long time, chances are it is not running as efficiently as it could be, which is going undetected and could be costing you thousands of dollars a year extra in energy bills. Let us know your concerns and we will happily inspect the heating system for you and suggest all potential solutions if needed.

Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioner Installation is needed to sustain the ideal air quality and temperature in your household, as well as prevent airborne allergens and toxins from reaching your family. Our team of EPA certified technicians have years of experience with AC installation and can help you choose from the overwhelming number of AC units on the market today.

Air Conditioner Emergency Service

Don’t stress out over an AC repair, just take a deep breath, relax, and call the pros. We will send over our team of experts to fix the issues right away so you can get back to your day.

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair for air conditioners are crucial to maintaining a comfortable home environment. As time goes on, AC units break down and become less efficient, which means an increase in your electric bill. Avoid costly repairs and call My Air Today Charlotte North Carolina HVAC the moment you notice something that doesn’t seem to be working right. Don’t delay, call today. Your pockets will thank you.

Emergency HVAC Repair in Charlotte NC
We offer 24-hour emergency HVAC repair in Charlotte and the surrounding areas of the Capital Region. When an emergency call comes in to repair a furnace, an air conditioner, or a heater that is not working, you can be sure that our professional heating and cooling repair team will get to your location as quickly as possible to resolve the situation; we know that your health and safety are at stake when HVAC units break down and we offer the best in class response time to account for that. From residential to commercial to industrial, our air conditioning repair team will fix the problem in a timely manner.
While there are many options to choose from, we truly believe that My Air Today is the best heating and cooling repair company in the area. Whether we are repairing your central air conditioner, doing an AC installation, or servicing hot water tanks, we guarantee superior service at the best price. The quality we deliver will impress you – just see the reviews from our latest clients.

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History of Edgefield

The Town of Edgefield was founded in 1785 and emerged in the early 1800s as a thriving trade center for surrounding farms. Much of the town was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The town square itself has been called a shrine to the agelessness of political, religious, industrial, cultural and social happenings in the community. The typical “old town” look of the square served as the backdrop for the 1996 remake of the movie That Darn Cat.

Symbols of history are everywhere in the square. A list of 10 South Carolina governors from Edgefield is printed in billboard fashion on the side of a building at the square’s entrance. That building houses perhaps the oldest still-operating grocery store in the county. A life-size bronze statue of native son Senator Strom Thurmond stands in the square facing the courthouse. The are some criminal defense offices nearby by as well.

The present brick courthouse was constructed in 1839. The architect, Charles Beck, was an associate of Robert Mills, the best-known architect of antebellum South Carolina. Mills’s most famous building is the Washington Monument. A recent biographer says that, although Mills did non design the Edgefield County Courthouse, it is one of the best examples of Mills’s style.

The Edgefield Advertiser, the oldest newspaper in South Carolina, is located at 119-120 Courthouse Square. The paper is printed weekly and gives the local news for the citizens of Edgefield.

Offices for The Citizen News, a weekly newspaper created through the merger of three other country papers in 1982, is on the corner of the square. It had been under private ownership until December 1998 when it was sold to Community Newspapers, Inc. of Athens, Georgia.

Just off the square is the Old Edgefield Pottery building. Mater potter Stephen Ferrell is on site reproducing the alkaline-glazed pottery originally created in Edgefield County in the mid-1800s. Demonstrations and lectures on the tradition and techniques of the stoneware are available by appointment. The pottery shop is closed on Mondays.

Within walking distance of the square are four historical churches that are part of an annual Christmas tour portraying the birth of Jesus Christ in four vignettes. Irish stonecutters were brought to America in 1858 specifically to construct St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Buncombe Street. The Edgefield First Baptist Church (c. 1823) on Church Street has produced outstanding ministers, one of whom was the first president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Trinity Episcopal Church on Simkins Street, built about 1836, is on land donated by Edmund Bacon, whose home next door was built circa 1830. First United Methodist Church, at the corner of Bacon and Norris streets, is on property deeded in 1841 by the Rev. Joseph Moore. Moore, a missionary circuit rider for 65 years, is the only Revolutionary War veteran buried in Willowbrook Cemetery on Church Street next to Edgefield First Baptist Church.

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